Monday, December 10, 2012

Obama’s Walt Disney Energy Policies - Paul Driessen
President Obama and the radical environmentalists who helped him win a second term seem to believe that, if only they wish hard enough, they can make the sun, wind, waves, algae and fields of corn replace fossil fuels as the world’s primary energy sources.
1972 Shock News : Ice Age Coming – Arctic Melting – Moscow Heatwave – Massive Flooding – Global Weirding | Real Science

Arctic Meltdown Update : Most Bering Sea Ice In At Least Four Decades | Real Science
The Alaska canary in the coal mine is frozen solid.
Editorial : Barrow Residents Would Be Happier Without Fossil Fuels | Real Science
According to Scientific American, The EPA, and NASA – global warming is destroying Alaska. Alaskans would feel much happier and more fulfilled if they did not use fossil fuels – or at least paid a lot more for them.
Human Inflation | Real Science
According to climate alarmists – 100 deaths very loosely attributed to a 2012 hurricane, are much worse than 23,000 deaths directly caused by a 1780 hurricane.

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