Saturday, December 01, 2012

Qatar Plan Threatens To Kill UN Climate Talks
Qatar wants to scrap the work done so far and get a set of key ministers to draft new negotiating texts, according to media reports.
Beyond the Green Weenie | Power Line
The reason to demand some heightened scrutiny of the connection between eco-terrorism and the environmental mainstream is that the so-called “mainstream” is amazingly casual about encouraging civil disobedience. My latest example of reckless and irresponsible advocacy in this manner comes not from the Sierra Club or other corrupt group, but from investor Jeremy Grantham, whose economic concerns I was just highlighting here a few days ago. While Grantham is a shrewd investor, it turns out he’s a climate nutter. Last week in Nature magazine, Grantham advocates that climate campaigners prepare to “be arrested if necessary” in service of the cause...

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