Saturday, December 01, 2012

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Against "Modern Energy Access"
The "success" scenarios of climate advocates hoping to power the world with carbon-free energy almost always leave a billion or more people in the dark and several billion cooking with dirty fuels. Sometimes, magic is invoked to suggest that "electricity can be brought to everyone" without appreciably increasing carbon emissions. Of course, if we could bring electricity to the 1.3 billion without any access with no effect on emissions, then we could probably do it for 6 billion others.
Climate change: you can't ignore it | Anne Karpf | Environment | The Guardian
Anne Karpf is not a climate-change sceptic, she's a climate-change ignorer. She knows it's happening – the floods, Arctic ice melt, Hurricane Sandy – but after a flash of fear, helplessness takes over and she 'tunes out'. Read her confessions
Windfarms: the bitter fight dividing the UK | Environment | The Guardian
Pros say we are the Saudi Arabia of wind
For A Lot Of People Climate Change Is A Distant Threat But We're Actually Seeing It Right Here & Now - YouTube
   [Since we named every breeze this year, we ended up with lots of named storms!!  Warmist Heidi Cullen suggests that CO2 causes hurricanes!  So I guess weather that "we see right here and right now" now qualifies as "climate"?]

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