Monday, December 10, 2012

Should rich countries compensate poorer ones for the damage done by climate change? | Poll
A deal at the Doha conference paves the way for funds to be awarded to developing nations to repair the damage caused by climate change. Do you agree with the move?  [Note the photo of a dead animal; presumably it was killed by trace amounts of CO2]
Life at four degrees
Professor Jean Palutikof, director of the government-funded National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, believes an Australia 4°C warmer than today will be a very different place.

"It would just be too unpleasant to be out of doors," she says.
From Copenfloppen to Doha ha-ha on climate change | Herald Sun
Is there anyone out there that now doesn't see what an utterly sick and pointless joke this whole process is? If they don't the clue is in those numbers.

COP 18 means that this was the 18th such utterly pointless exercise. Pointless, apart from generating lots and lots of CO2, and committing to the next, utterly useless, conference.

So 18 years and 18 conferences have achieved exactly what?
Chinese Officials Say Panda’s Bamboo Won’t Run Out | Asian Scientist Magazine
Chinese experts disagree that climate change will cause bamboo die-offs in the Qinling Mountains.

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