Monday, December 10, 2012

Exxon called hateful for producing value | Watts Up With That?
Condemning energy suppliers is just as perverse as condemning food suppliers.
The Reference Frame: Snow covers Europe
There are many new things happening in the world – and many processes and events are bad and becoming worse – but the weather isn't one of them. It's doing what it's been doing for millions or billions of years.
Doha Wrap-up | Power Line
Global warming hysteria is one of the most cynical scams in world history. As is often the case, to appreciate the extent of the fraud you have to follow the money.
20 years on, climate change projections have come true
“Those who have been claiming ad nauseum that the climate models have been proved wrong, should read this paper, even though for most of us it is not very surprising,” said Dr Sherwood, who was not involved in the Nature Climate Change paper.

“Though there is no contrarian analogue to the IPCC, individual contrarians have made predictions over a similar time frame that the warming would stop or reverse. The data since then have probably falsified many of those predictions (which the deniers continue to make today).”
Climate Change Reconsidered: The Website of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)
"History will record the NIPCC as the most significant contribution any person or group on the climate realist side of the debate made in helping society get back on track towards making climate and energy decisions that actually help the environment and society."

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