Monday, December 10, 2012

TV weathermen spread junk science about the climate | Pulitzer Prize Winner Cynthia Tucker | Journalist. Professor. Progressive.
Here in Atlanta, we’ve had a string of days in which the temperature has hovered around seventy degrees — more representative of late spring than late autumn. The balmy weather has left me in a funk.

Sure, I’ve enjoyed the chance to put my toddler on the back of my bike and take her out for a ride. Yes, it was pleasant to don a short-sleeved shirt to put up my outdoor Christmas lights. Of course, I like the long chats with my neighbors, who walk their dogs at a leisurely pace instead of rushing to get out of the chill.

But I fear the unseasonable temperatures are a harbinger of a slow-moving disaster — a serious threat to my child’s future.
Here’s hoping that Shepherd and the AMS can persuade TV weathermen — and women — to accept the scientific consensus. Forecasters could help to elevate climate change as a political concern. We’re running out of time before those balmy December days prove costly.
Doha sets up $3bn hit for taxpayers as climate deal fails to deliver on emissions targets | The Australian
AUSTRALIA has backed a global climate change deal that offers poor countries financial aid for the "loss and damage" they suffer from extreme weather events, in a new step that could one day leave taxpayers with a $3 billion annual bill.
Chasing ice: glaciers in retreat - Telegraph
There were some unpredictable problems – cameras buried under 20ft of snow

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