Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Only Way To Have An Honest Debate Is To Silence The Opposition | Real Science
Skeptics keep saying things that are contrary to what we believe, so we must silence them in order to allow an honest debate.
Dispatch from AGU: It’s Not a Divergence Problem, It’s a Divergence Opportunity | Climate Abyss | a blog
This seems like a convincing case that some trees were responding mainly to light rather than temperature. In a stable climate, a sunny summer is also a warmer summer, so you can’t tell whether a given tree is responding mainly to light rather than temperature. But over the long haul, rising global temperatures should be unaccompanied by major systematic cloud changes, so the trees responding to temperature will go one way and the trees responding to sunlight will go another.
Sheldon Calls Out Climate Deniers in Senate Speech | United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Actually, the evidence coming in tends to confirm the worst and most dangerous projections.
NASA’s Jim Hansen Wins 2012 Stephen Schneider Award
Hansen, during the interview, repeatedly returned to what he called a “broken record” — the need to put a price on carbon [sic] notwithstanding any other mitigation steps.
Brutal Cold Headed For Europe And North America – Solar And Ocean Cycles Bode Of An Approaching Little Ice Age
It could very well be that our quiet sun is a harbinger of what is to come in the years and decades ahead.

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