Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Todd Stern: Shale Gas Boom Is Proof Obama Is Taking Global Warming Seriously
US negotiator Todd Stern has hit back at critics of the country’s climate ambition, citing the country’s ‘gas revolution’ and investment in energy efficiency as proof Barack Obama’s administration is committed to addressing the issue.
Frustration over lack of climate cash for poor countries rises in Qatar | Global development |
But Greenpeace director Kumi Naidoo said: "Just weeks ago, President Obama's post-election victory speech displayed a vision of a second-term priority for addressing climate change. [The US negotiators] have come to Doha with their needle stuck in the groove of obstructing the UN process, an art they have perfected.

"It is disrespectful of President Obama to inflict on us negotiators [who, specifically, authorized Naidoo to be "negotiating" anything with the U.S. government?] who act as if the comments he made after his election were never made."
Twitter / ToryAardvark: Poland not budging on Kyoto ...

Poland not budging on Kyoto Protocol ‘hot air’ in Doha I love the smell of failure in the moning

Twitter / RyanMaue: View from GFS at 8-days shows ...
View from GFS at 8-days shows -55°F coldest temps leaving Alaska & heading SE. Time to crank up the furnace.

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