Thursday, December 27, 2012

UCSC biologist: Sea otters could help fight climate change
The team suggested that otter management groups could potentially sell the otter's carbon-capturing services and use the profits toward increasing
otter populations.
Twitter / billmckibben: New Hawaii Sen: "I believe ...
New Hawaii Sen: "I believe climate change is real & it is the most urgent challenge of our generation."
Global warming affects Latin American, Caribbean economies
“Many countries in the region, which don’t emit high levels of greenhouse gases and are vulnerable to their impacts should receive multilateral and bilateral funding and cooperation,” Mayte says.
Opinion: Ottawa must get real on climate change - Vancouver Sun
The science being relied upon by the federal Conservative government to create multibillion-dollar climate and energy policies is almost certainly wrong, Tom Harris writes.

American President Barack Obama has indicated that “stopping climate change” will be an important focus of his second term. Because our climate policies are closely tied to those of the U.S., it is therefore crucial that the Canadian government finally gets its act together on the issue. If it doesn’t, we will be swept up in increasingly expensive programs that many in the Conservative party, Prime Minister Stephen Harper included, must know are utterly futile.

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