Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is EPA Chief Lisa Jackson hiding?
Additionally, the controversial deal to approve more than $500 million in government-backed loans for the now-bankrupt Solyndra solar panel company was executed on 14 separate private email accounts, Horner said.

Federal law requires that government employees use their official email account for government business.

“This is an epidemic,” Horner said. “Your sure do behave funny, all of you, for people who’ve got nothing to hide. It all comes back to, why use the fake identity? Clearly, this is a very deliberate campaign that’s government-wide.”

“The problem is the behavior top to bottom throughout this administration shows that they seem to think they’ve got plenty to hide,” Horner said.

Horner discovered the alias after reviewing a 2008 memo from the EPA to the National Archives disclosing they had a records management problem with this secondary account that was set to automatically delete emails after 90 days.

“All of that stunk,” Horner said.
Weather windbags -
[Tom Harris] Climate change and extreme weather have always happened and always will no matter what we do. Therefore, instead of vainly trying to stop them from occurring, we need to adapt to such phenomena by hardening our societies to these inevitable events.
While someday we may be able to meaningfully predict climate, it is not possible now.

And actually controlling global climate will remain science fiction for the foreseeable future.

That may not be a comforting thought for climate crusaders, but that is climate reality.

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