Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Yet Another Hole In The Alarmist Dike Against Open Debate – Canadian Skeptic Donna Laframboise Invades Germany
Sheesh! This is like a Normandy invasion – this one by the climate science skeptics. The Americans have landed on one beach, and now the Canadians are following on another.

First it was Prof Fred Singer of the USA, then the evil Heartland Institute, and now it’s veteran investigative journalist Donna Laframboise of Toronto, Canada.

Donna’s hard-hitting, unflattering book exposing the corruption rampant within the IPCC has been translated in German and is now being launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg – i.e. the heart of the climate catastrophe regime in Europe.
UK Cooling at -.336C/decade for last 15 years (as of Nov 2012) « sunshine hours
UK Tmin (the average minimum temperature) has been cooling at -.336C/decade for last 15 years (as of Nov 2012).
The electric car winter weather survival guide - CSMonitor.com
Winter need not spell disaster for your electric car...unexpected traffic and winter-enforced detours may result in you running out before your destination.

We've looked at whether the Tesla Model S will hold up when the going gets cold, and done our own cold-weather test of the 2012 Nissan Leaf. Without using the heater, you may still get 80 miles. But fire up the accessories, and you'd be wiser to stop every 50 miles or so to re-charge.
Young Australians more concerned about the economy than climate | The Australian
FORGET the environment, it's the economy, stupid. Young Australians have dumped the environment from the top of their concerns and replaced it with the economy.

Mission Australia's national Youth Survey found concern about the environment _ considered to be the leading issue for the previous two years (37 per cent last year and 38 per cent in 2010) _ fell to 17.5 per cent.

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