Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Was The Second Hottest Year In The US After 1934 | Real Science
The final data is in, and an apples to apples comparison (using only the same set of all 821 GHCN HCN stations continuously active since at least 1920) shows that 2012 was slightly cooler than 1934, and that the trend since 1920 is downwards. The US has been cooling for 90 years.

2012 was an anomaly, not the new normal.
Apocalypse snow? The truth behind our changing weather | The Sun |Irish Features
Polar climatologists now project the complete disappearance of summer Arctic sea ice within five to seven years.
Has Global Warming Stalled? – Hockey Stick has met a sticky puck! | Asian Tribune
With the latest findings, the Hockey Stick appeared to have swapped its traditional role of striking with a sticky one – by obstinately refusing to go up on temperature charts to fulfill the whims and fancies of some climate scientists.
prof garnaut banned from png and ousted by miner -
Climate change adviser Ross Garnaut has resigned as chairman of Ok Tedi Mining Ltd after being banned from Papua New Guinea by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

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