Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lack of Global Warming Means Cold, Empty Chairs at New York Times Environment Desk
What’s in worse shape? The state of the Earth’s climate? Or the state of the New York Times? Global temperatures are not rising all that quickly, so the Earth is doing fine. Meanwhile, the Old Gray Lady is shutting down it’s Environment Desk.
Now no one can deny that the world is getting warmer | Observer editorial
The language used in this exhaustive, carefully researched investigation is also worthy of comment. It includes the word "threat" or variations 198 times and versions of the word "disrupt" another 120 times.
The fact that this message was lost on the public suggests climate change denial is becoming entrenched in the UK, or that our media have become complacent about the issue, or both. Whatever the answer, there is little cause for cheer. Both sides of the Atlantic are dithering over global warming. Yet the issue is real, as the US climate assessment emphasises. In making that clear, the report should be welcomed.
The American Drought Of 2012 « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
According to NCDC, the year was only the 15th driest on record since 1895. In other words, the sort of occurrence that could be expected every 8 years!

The claim that it is the worst since the 1930’s is blatant nonsense. A bunch of years in the 1950’s were almost as bad as the dustbowl era, and, more recently, 1988 was a much drier year.
Rainfall trends are actually increasing, and the remarkable thing about the last 20 years has been the lack of droughts. Global warming may be responsible for all sorts of things, but it appears that US droughts is not one of them.

It seems a pity that you cannot get this information from Jeff Masters.

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