Thursday, January 10, 2013

AGW and CO2: If Humans are not responsible for the CO2 increase then there can be no AGW.
If AGW were correct about the equilibrium between natural emissions of CO2 and sinks the atmospheric increase would mirror the ACO2 emissions; it doesn’t. That means that sinks and natural CO2 emissions vary and are not in equilibrium.

In fact Quirk shows the natural CO2 emissions and sinks are strongly correlated with changes in ENSO, the pattern of El Nino and La Nina episodes This confirms and possibly explains the past history of stomata based CO2 levels, and most importantly, in connection with Knoor and his finding that the airborne fraction of ACO2 has not changed in 150 years, shows that ACO2 is not the major contributor to rising CO2 levels.

The ramifications for AGW are profound; if human CO2 is not the main cause of the increase of atmospheric CO2 then AGW is wrong.
Quadrant Online - For climateers, it's always the Silly Season
For alarmist disciples of the emerging our-climate-system-is-becoming-unstable cults, however, every atmospheric change is merely another harbinger of anthropogenic Armageddon, not a product of (unpredictable) natural variability, such as the extreme heat in 1896.
Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » IPCC says Maori are not equally represented politically – is climate change a “hot topic” around the iwi and Maori society in general ?
I particularly liked – “…inequalities in political representation…” in the last para – and I thought all Kiwis had the vote.
Twitter / LittleIceAge: At last, the judgment days ...
At last, the judgment days for political climatists are coming nearer. At least at NASA

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