Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ignoring the coffee glut, warmists at New Scientist attempt to sell us on a CO2-induced coffee shortage

The jolt we need to take on climate change - opinion - 10 January 2013 - New Scientist
How ironic, then, that the world's second favourite liquid after oil is under threat from climate change caused by industrial pollution.
That seems a long way off, but the effects may already be upon us: coffee yields are at a 35-year low. And the direct effects of climate are being exacerbated by the spread of pests that thrive in warmer conditions.
But coffee still has the potential to send a powerful message to the world about the reality of what we are doing to the climate. If you wanted to find a commodity whose escalating scarcity and price would cause maximum discomfort to complacent westerners, coffee is about as good as it gets.
Oct 2012:  Investors Beware: The Coffee Glut is Coming
Next year’s coffee crop is promising to be bountiful, sending commodity future contracts lower.
South American Supply Glut
Peru’s coffee yield for next year’s beans is expected to rise by 20 percent.
Dec 2012: Record Brazil coffee crop adds to global glut of arabica beans - The Denver Post
Record coffee harvests in Brazil, the biggest grower, are compounding a global glut of arabica used by Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.

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