Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vahrenholt: Scale-Back Shows HadCrut’s And Hansen’s Earlier Prognoses On The Verge Of “Dramatic Failure”
Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning have called HadCrut’s temperature prognosis scale-back “drastic” and say James Hansen’s “legendary prognoses” of rising global temperatures are on the verge of “dramatic failure”.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: I can see alot of people looking ...
I can see alot of people looking at GFS and it causing great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now as east coast snow threat again for inaug
Brtitain’s Cold Comes as No Surprise |
Most of the Spanish Inquisition conversationalists haven’t any sense of the diversity of scientific findings within the climatology community. They don’t know how many honest and brilliant people of science all over the world have never accepted the manmade global warming narrative at face value.
Tucson prepares for cold snap | | Tucson, Arizona
TUCSON - Tucsonans are trying to prevent cold weather damage.

The Saturday morning forecast is only in the 20s. The hard freeze is expected to repeat the next few nights after that.
"2 years ago was the worst it's ever been," he said, "cold, very cold."

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