Friday, January 25, 2013

Analysis: 'I suspect Bill Nye was pulled from(CNN debate with Morano) at the last minute, because his attempts to discuss the facts in the first programme were such a disaster'
'Instead the warmist establishment wheeled out one of their spin merchants (Sierra Club's Michael Brune), with the aim of avoiding any debate on the science. The introductory statements bear this out. Brune: Well, actually I don't want to waste any time on this. The science is settled.' -- 'Whether Brune knew any of the 'facts', and deliberately withheld them from the debate, I really cannot say'
Neil Cavuto of Fox News praises Climate Depot's Morano as an 'environmentalist bashing crusader'
Cavuto: 'For years Morano has been trying to tell the mainstream media that won't listen that the widespread view that of climate change is manmade doesn't have everyone in lockstep. Morano likes to point out that more than a 1000 scientists argue that it is just plain wrong. And now this environmentalist bashing crusader warns spending trillions of dollars addressing that imaginary problem is more than wrong, it is going to be very pricey'

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