Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Analysis: Obama's next climate steps apt to be temperate | Reuters
(Reuters) - The Obama administration is likely to rely mostly on existing rules and on flexing executive power to execute its second-term environmental agenda, sidestepping Congress as it sets about radically reducing greenhouse gases generated by major polluters.
Warming’s Not the Problem, Mr. President - By Henry Payne - Planet Gore - National Review Online
Saving polar bears may be fashionable among rich elites, but Detroit’s jammed shelters this week are evidence that cold weather threatens the poor among us.
Cold Weather Hits Midwest and East Coast, Causing Several Deaths -
ST. PAUL, Minn. — A bracing wave of Arctic air swept across much of the nation on Wednesday, suddenly turning what had been a relatively mild winter into a shivering misery that has caused several deaths in the Midwest and prompted cities along the Eastern Seaboard to open emergency shelters.

The freezing weather, which arrived in the Midwest late last week, has plunged temperatures to record lows in portions of the northern tier of the country, chilling even those well adapted to frigid winters.
Central Jersey gripped by bitter cold snap, worst in at least five years |
It appears to be in line to become the Garden State’s worst cold snap at least since February 2007, according to Rutgers University-based state Climatologist David Robinson.

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