Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UK Energy Minister Promises To ‘Put Coal Back Into Government’
Britain’s energy minister promises that he “[is] determined to be the Minister that put coal into the coalition”.
UK: Big Freeze Leads To Nine Deaths
The icy weather has led to the deaths of nine people in the last week.
The changing climate of climate change |
In the bizarre world of climate alarmism, a naturally evolving climate is viewed as a man-made catastrophe, but an evolving political climate is not, as long as it supports the hysteria. Few advocate learning enough about science to separate fact from fiction, because knowledge is considered an impediment to progress.
Goreham: Carbon Tax Won’t Help Economy, Environment | Fox Business Video
[Video] Steve Goreham of Climate Science Coalition of America on efforts to curb global warming and speed up energy independence.
Obama administration will not propose carbon tax: spokesman
"What I can tell you is that we have not proposed and have no intention of proposing a carbon tax," Carney said in a briefing with reporters.

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Anonymous said...

"Obama administration will not propose carbon tax: spokesman"

Hmmm, that puts the banksters cap-and-trade up front.