Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barclays tells clients to sell EU permits at above 5 euros
LONDON, Jan 23 (Reuters Point Carbon) – British bank Barclays on Wednesday slashed its price forecast for carbon permits and recommended clients sell them at above 5 euros and down to as low as 2 euros in the event that the EU fails to cut permit supply in its $148-billion carbon market.
EU carbon sinks to new depths on market fix fears - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Jan 23 (Reuters Point Carbon) – EU carbon allowances fell by as much as 16 percent to fresh record lows on Wednesday amid fading optimism that the EU Commission will be able to push though its plans to fix the ailing carbon market and bearish analyst comments, traders said.
Bitter Cold Shuts Down Maine-N.H. Bridge
Officials say the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge was being raised early this afternooon to let marine traffic through when it became stuck a few feet up in the open position.
Man In Snowmobile Crash Dies After Night In Bitter Cold On Shelburne Trail | New Hampshire Public Radio
A 29-year-old Shelburne man has died after injuring himself in a snowmobile crash and spending Tuesday night in the bitter cold.

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