Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anastassia Makarieva: Science: One Bar For All « Tallbloke's Talkshop
In my opinion, this comment by Anastassia Makarieva on the interactive part of the ACS website, as well as being a strong defense of their paper, is a powerful indictment of the state of affairs in the peer review of climate science.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Guess it was CBS turn to shovel. ...
Guess it was CBS turn to shovel. Once I saw the "expert", I knew it was complete bullshit.
Canada under international pressure to list polar bears as threatened, so far holds out | polarbearscience
We should hear their answer any day now – but guess what? Outspoken PBSG polar bear biologist Andrew Derocher looks to have at least inspired this petition, if he was not party to it.
Obama The Hurricane Expert | Real Science
Obama being the detail oriented the person that he is, is no doubt is aware that we are coming up on 7,500 days since a category 5 hurricane hit the US and 2,750 days since a major hurricane hit the US.

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