Saturday, January 26, 2013

Delightfully stupid Daily Kos piece from warmist Greg Laden: He suggests that James Hansen is "a moron" for admitting that global temperature has been flat for the last decade; also "there is more money going into climate science denial than any political counter movement that has ever existed"

Daily Kos: Dollars for Deniers: Big Oil Funds Climate Science Denialism
To state, with a straight face, that the jury is still out, or that we can’t separate natural variation from human caused changes, or that the earth has stopped warming for the last decade, or any of the other things we constantly hear from climate change denialists is exactly the same thing as standing there with a big sign that reads “I am a moron.”
...Most times, though, the science-denialism comes from a handful of very active blogs, from those charismatic lecture circuit denizens such as “Lord” Christopher Monkton, and a very large number of commenters and their probable sock puppets who show up at every on line newspaper and blog to spew the same exact lines again and again even though every single remark they make … without exception … has long ago been discredited with science and reason.

It turns out that there is a fairly straight forward explanation for this continued craziness. $500,000,000 dollars.
So, at this point there seems to be two likely answers to the question, “Why are you a climate science denialist?” One, is that you are getting paid to do so. The other, is that you really think you know better than the entire scientific community, and you are not personally getting any of of the payola even though there is more money going into climate science denial than any political counter movement that has ever existed.
Flashback: NASA's James Hansen's finally concedes 'flat' global temps: Hansen's 'remarkable' comments on global warming standstill: 'The five-year mean global temperature has been flat for the last decade...' | Climate Depot


Rodrigues said...

One has to think to oneself(what would a political counter movement usually counter?) Hhhhmmm____a "political movement" springs to mind, funny that.

Anonymous said...

Where is my share?

Halfwise said...

And where is this money going? Must be hundreds of millions by now after all these years. Who has it? Very mysterious...

Anonymous said...

Fundamentalist green nutter 'Osama' Greg Laden, is truly excelling himself this time. In this execrable piece of bilge - I'm simply aghast at the intellectually muddled thinking, the poor and schoolboy quality of his printed guff.
What a laugh though, he is now venting at one of the high priests of the man made warming cult!
Lordy, having a go at Hansen, when the rats start to bite each other - the end is nigh.

papertiger said...

Laden says;
"There is no longer a question that this is happening, and every year, the various details that one might like to see worked out, regarding the mechanisms or effects of climate change, are increasingly known. "

Fine. So show me the mathematical proof (the scientific formula, not more political posturing) that the greenhouse effect exists.

Since "the various details, mechanisms and effects" are supposedly known, it should be child's play.

So produce them.