Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Arctic Oscillation switches to negative phase | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis
temperatures over Alaska were 2 to 7 degrees Celsius (4 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit) lower than average...While the year began with lower than average extent for the Arctic as a whole, extent in the Bering Sea was at record high levels for much of the winter.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: UK Met Office cuts projected 2017 temperature by 38%
The big story of the day is that the UK Met Office has cut its projection for global temperature in 2017 by "20 percent." However, graphs supplied by the UK Met Office actually show a 38% cut in projected 2017 temperature anomaly, from a ~ 0.7C anomaly projected last year, to the new projection of 0.43C.
Insanity in the media (Australian temperature colours, and beyond…) | Omnologos
Who knows how many more examples of heat wave in early January in Australia one could find. But who cares.

What matters is that Global Warming has transmogrified into “it’s hot in summertime”.
Insanity at the IPCC | Omnologos
Take a random ten year period in the future for a random country or region, and think about it. Average income will probably increase by anywhere between 0 and 100%. Gas and oil prices may go up 100% or down 50%. Add in political change, technical change, population growth somwhere between -5% and +20%, and anything else you can think of. Then try to estimate what effect a rise in temperature of one fifth of one degree will have on the use of air conditioners.

It’s insane. And the same insanity is repeated page after page for three thousand pages every five years.

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