Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Claims of 'Warmest Year' For Continental U.S. (Less than 2% of Earth's Surface) Ignore Flat Global Temperature Trend | Climate Depot
UK Telegraph: 'Global warming at a standstill', new Met Office figures show -- 'by 2017 temps will have remained about same for 2 decades'
Premature Ejaculation At NOAA | Real Science
NOAA announced that 2012 was the hottest year ever, before 20% of their stations even reported December temperatures.

My guess is that they rushed to press before the cold blast comes to the Eastern US later in the week.
Twitter / pdykstra: ABC News runs record heat story ...
ABC News runs record heat story 8 minutes into newscast; CBS leads w/ it, NBC #2.
The Big Lie Becomes Official At NOAA | Real Science
I will do a more complete analysis later, but for now I want you to focus on the bold sentence above, which claims that 1998 used to be the hottest year in the US.

In an article which NASA published in 1999, Hansen showed that 1998 was only the fifth warmest year, after 1934, 1921, 1931 and 1953. In fact, 1998 was 0.6C cooler than 1934.
Over the past decade, NASA and NOAA have continuously altered the temperature record to cool the past and warm the present. Their claims are straight out Orwell’s 1984, and have nothing to do with science.

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