Sunday, January 13, 2013

Articles: How to Destroy Science: Cast Self-Interest as Public Interest
Closet climate skeptics in the scientific community are everywhere. They are afraid, with good reason, to voice their doubts. They are afraid for their jobs and their grants. They are afraid of being attacked by green students or colleagues. Even public skeptics are restrained and speak quite differently in private from their public personas. One reason so many skeptics are retired, or from fields not under control of the climate science establishment, is because, as pensioners or outsiders, they have less to fear from the anger of that establishment.

Science is important. When establishment scientific organizations squander the credibility of science for short-term gain, that really is a crime against humanity.
Joe Bastardi: GFS has most severe cold shot now since 94 winter....Trending even colder | Climate Realists

US Maximum Temperatures In Decline | Real Science
The four hottest years in the US (measured by average maximum temperature) were 1934, 1921, 1931 and 1939. Maximum temperatures have dropped a degree over the last ninety years.
Worse Than They Expected | Real Science
A few weeks ago NRDC told us that western skiing was doomed due to excessive heat and lack of snow. This can be easily seen at Wolf Creek, Colorado where the current temperature at 1:30 pm is -13F.
Al Fin: Greenland Is Still Too Cold for the Vikings
...His fellow team member Niels Lynnerup, an anthropologist and forensic scientist at the University of Copenhagen, confirms that the Vikings of Greenland had plenty to eat even as the climate grew colder. "Perhaps they were just sick and tired of living at the ends of the earth and having almost nothing but seals to eat," he says.

The bone analyses show that they rarely ate meat from their own herds of livestock. The climate had become harsher on the island starting in the mid-13th century. Summer temperatures fell, violent storms raged around the houses and the winters were bone-chillingly cold. For the cattle that had been brought to Greenland, there was less and less to eat in the pastures and meadows along the fjords.

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