Sunday, January 13, 2013

Report Shows That Climate Scientists Plan To Ramp Up The Lies | Real Science
Complete nonsense. The US is getting cooler and the number of record maximums is decreasing. This is the biggest fraud is science history.
Jennifer Marohasy » King Tide Not So High
according to my observations, sea levels in Moreton Bay have gone down about 300 mm over the last 67 years
Arctic Moves To New Mexico And Colorado | Real Science
Experts tell us that warm air is melting the Arctic, and then dipping south and freezing New Mexico solid.

NOAA will have to do a ton of adjusting to get these temperatures up to where the government wants them to be.
The Reference Frame: A projection of future drought one can't believe
There is absolutely no reason independent on prejudices to think that climate problems will become qualitatively more important in the next 100 years than they have been in the past. When you trace the justifications behind the claims to the contrary, you will find out that in every single individual case, the alarmists reached this conclusion because they assumed it from the very beginning. They wanted to find out some details about the climate Armageddon in the next 100 years so they did. They didn't have the freedom to even question whether the idea of a climate problem in the 21st century holds water. It would be a blasphemy. Whole institutions were built within the limits of the enforced belief in the basic wisdom of the doom and the members are only allowed to study the details of the doom. Some individual members of these institutions may have perhaps reached the catastrophic conclusions "honestly" but it doesn't make things any better because the people doing the particular mistakes needed for this conclusion were politically cherry-picked because they were convenient. So despite one or two honest members in the IPCC, it's still true that the institution reached its conclusions dishonestly.

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