Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Breakthrough Institute - America’s Honest Brokers
Whether an issue advocate or honest broker, accuracy by experts in communication needs to be maintained. Both scientists and journalists must respect the uncertainty that is inherent to any technical question, resisting the tendency to engage in either false balance or exaggeration. As in the case of climate change, each time a scientific claim is proven false or inaccurate; it risks further alienating publics already distrustful of science and scientists.

* Scientists, experts and their organizations should avoid using communication strategies to denigrate, attack, or stereotype belief systems, ideologies, or social groups, or to define political parties and leaders as either “anti-science” or “pro-science.”  [Yeah, he's talking to you, Michael Mann.]
Deadly Cold Continues To Grip Asia – Hundreds Dead – Subtropical Bangladesh Sees Coldest Temps Since 1960s!
Asia has been having one of its coldest winters in memory. And the headlines of bitter cold have not been limited to Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China, but also to subtropical regions, way down in southern Asia. People there have been dying of record cold.
Benefits of emissions cuts kick in only next century |
Only 87 years to go?

“The big dividend – cooler temperatures, fewer floods and droughts and better crop yields, compared to carrying on as we are – would only become clear by about 2100.” [New Scientist]
WashPost admits scientists in the dark on climate |
But it still wants action.

“Scientists can’t yet know to what extent man-made emissions influenced the heat and calamitous drought… There is still uncertainty. Though they have a range of estimates, scientists still do not know exactly how sensitive the global climate system is to human carbon emissions and exactly how steep the long-term temperature line will be. Predicting the consequences of a given temperature rise is also difficult…” [Washington Post]

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