Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aussies have weathered nature’s extremes before | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog
Here is a sample which should throw cold water on climate alarm enthusiasts trying to seize the latest temperatures for propaganda purposes.

1826, November 29, in Sydney: 40C in the shade
1832, March 18 in Sydney: 54C in the sun
1833, February, in Bathurst: 41C (sun)
1835, January 31, in Sydney: 43C (shade)
1837, February 23 in Sydney: 56C (sun)
Twitter / MFSAVoices: Allen Johnson of Christians ...
Allen Johnson of Christians for the Mountains: "We shall not crucify this earth on a cross of coal." #pray4climate
Why has climate legislation failed? An interview with Theda Skocpol.
BP: You have this quote from one cap-and-trade proponent who said “We invested a lot in John McCain.”...that [health care?] campaign cost just $50 million, a fraction of what USCAP spent [So how much *did* USCAP spend promoting the climate hoax?]
July 2009:  USCAP cos. spend 67 million lobbying: Exelon looks for 30,000,000%+ return « Green Hell Blog
Since the beginning of the year, members of USCAP have spent roughly $67.4 million on lobbyists

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