Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow from world's tallest tower pierces Tokyo roof - Story | The Star Online
TOKYO: A chunk of frozen snow that fell off the world's tallest tower crashed through the roof of a Tokyo home, leaving a 30 centimetre (one-foot) hole, officials said Wednesday.
The capital was hammered by an unusually large snowstorm earlier this week, leaving at least two people dead and almost 1,600 others injured mainly from car accidents and slipping on icy streets, according to public broadcaster NHK.

The Tokyo Skytree deployed about 60 security guards on the ground near the steel tower to warn passersby about the possibility of falling ice.

Last year, there were four similar incidents when snow fell off the tower and left holes in the roofs of nearby houses or commercial buildings.
Global Warming Becomes ‘Inclement Weather’
Admittedly, not even a 20 year period of zero warming 'proves' anything one way or the other. Climate change happens on much vaster time scales – and it has been happening for billions of years, with or without humans. However, that is not what the alarmists said, is it? Note that not a single one of the dire predictions made since 1980 has so far come true (still waiting for those climate refugees! Micronesia still not under water, what's up with that?). But now we have inclement weather – what more proof do you need? Unless we stop all economic growth immediately, we will all die!
Alan Riley: Europe’s Suicidal Shale Reluctance | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
If the EU continues to ignore the shale revolution, Europe will become the only big economic bloc without significant energy resources. The US, India, China and Latin America will all have access to shale, as well as offshore fossil fuels.
Shale Energy Glee Starts to Spread | Via Meadia
Euphoria over the energy revolution is continuing to reach the mainstream. Aviezer Tucker has penned an excellent essay in Foreign Affairs arguing that the discovery of alternative energy sources from the U.S. to Poland to India is making the 21st century a better and safer place
What exactly is in Beijing's polluted air? | Environment |
[No mention of CO2]

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