Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prepare for worse weather, Topeka residents: It turns out that Australians may *not* be paid to shoot camels to stop their bad-weather-causing flatulence

Camel-Slaughter Plan Rejected for Australian Carbon Credits - Businessweek
A plan to give carbon credits for slaughtering camels, curbing emissions coming from their flatulence, was rejected by an Australian government committee.
An estimated 750,000 feral camels are roaming Australia since they were introduced in 1840, according to an e-mail today from Northwest Carbon. Their numbers are doubling every 10 years, and their flatulence contains methane, a greenhouse gas linked to climate change. Northwest wanted to kill and sell the camels in exchange for credits under Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative, which allows about 300 of the nation’s biggest polluters to purchase offsets in place of emission permits.

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