Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awkward: ThinkProgress promotes Obama voter Kerry "ashamed to be an American" Emanuel as a "Republican" even after he's explicitly admitted that he isn't a Republican

Republican And Democrat Scientists: Leaders Must 'Speak To The Reality Of Human Caused Climate Change' | ThinkProgress
The Union of Concerned Scientists has releasing a new video featuring two climate scientists calling for bipartisan action on climate change. The scientists, one a Republican [Kerry Emanuel] and one a Democrat, are urging both parties to “speak to the reality and risk of human caused climate change” and embrace the known science. Check it out
Flashback: More notes on Kerry Emanuel's interview with Chris Mooney
Around the 13:20 mark, Emanuel says that he's no longer a Republican.
Flashback: Warmist Obama voter Kerry Emanuel: "I'm one of the rare examples of a scientist who's a Republican"; lack of AGW belief among Republican candidates makes him feel "to some extent ashamed to be an American"

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