Monday, January 07, 2013

Bald eagle gets booted for turbine
A subsidiary of an American energy company has chainsawed a bald eagle nest to make way for a wind turbine with the blessing of Ontario bureaucrats, The Free Press has learned.

NextEra Energy Canada took down the nest Saturday in Haldimand County as horrified onlookers snapped photographs — the incident already has drawn outrage from environmentalists in Ontario and even in the United States.
Principia Scientific Intl - Senior Skeptic Scientist Blames Eco Religion for Climate Dogma
Veteran global warming skeptic who reviewed almost every UN major study on global warming summarizes how it's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) lost the confidence of the public and scientists in general. Dr. Vincent Gray, with a distinguished career in physical chemistry from Cambridge University and a 100+ scientific and technical articles, patents and publications reveals all in his January newsletter. Dr. Gray also points the finger of blame at the cult of environmentalism that rose in the 1980's to captivate a generation of credulous minds. The unexpurgated version appears below.
PressTV - Homeless people in India battling cold weather
Reports suggest more than 1-hunderd and fifty thousand homeless people on the streets of New Delhi are braving extreme weather, economic hardship and government apathy.
And exposure to bad weather, pollution and extreme cold also make them physically sick. Over the past weeks northern India has witnessed one of the coldest winters in decades. The harsh weather has claimed the lives of more than 100 people-most of them homeless.

According to Independent surveys everyday about 10 people die on the streets of New Delhi. Many of those who succumb to the cold winter are young working people like balloon sellers, rickshaw pullers, casual workers, and street vendors.
Remarks at Secretary Clinton's Foreign Affairs Policy Board Meeting
[Todd Stern, Special Envoy for Climate Change] So we need an open, adult conversation about this [global warming] – building public support and engagement and taking advantage of credible messengers who are not the usual suspects – messengers like Mayor Bloomberg, Governors Christie and Cuomo, CEOs, the national security community, insurance executives, etc.

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