Monday, January 07, 2013

Scientists' dreams for 2013: Fix Science TV, Make Climate Change Sink In, and More
“My most ardent wish,” ornithologist/ecologist Gordon H. Orians replied, is “acceptance that Earth’s climate is really changing, that we are the primary cause of those changes, and that those changes, which are already serious, are certain to impose major challenges for human life. Widespread denial impedes progress in designing and implementing appropriate policies and regulations.”

Renowned geologist and author Richard Alley has been testifying before Congress about climate change since 2003, and he thinks mainstream media are the problem. “It would be nice to see more members of the press––not just the best of you but most or all of you––explain more clearly the difference between what one scientist may say on a contentious topic, and what the National Academy of Sciences, or the other authoritative assessment bodies, say about that topic.”
Twitter / JimCantore: At midnight w/NO tornado deaths ...
At midnight w/NO tornado deaths it'll tie RECORD 197-day stretch of #tornado-death-free days set in '86-'87per @DrGregForbes (data to 1950)

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