Monday, January 07, 2013

Go south, young warmist: In the first three weeks of January, Penn State warmist Michael Mann plans to take fossil-fueled trips to Austin, Texas; Dayton Beach and Orlando, Florida?

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Green Meetings - Austin, Texas - 2013 AMS Annual Meeting
Carbon Offsets  [Does Mann faithfully buy these every time he travels?]

AMS recognizes that personal travel to its professional meetings likely represents the largest contribution to the carbon footprint of its meetings and is probably a significant fraction of each attendee’s personal carbon footprint. The average round-trip commercial flight to an AMS meeting is about 1000 miles and produces roughly 1700 lb of CO2 per passenger. Consistent with the AMS Policy Statement on Climate Change (available online at, and in an effort to reduce emissions, the AMS asks meeting participants to consider measures to offset the climate impacts of traveling to its meetings. At this time, AMS encourages either personal actions to reduce emissions or purchasing carbon offsets. Details of each approach are available on the Society’s Web site.
Tom Nelson: Climate hoax promoter Michael Mann is off to sunny Florida [middle of January 2013]: One appearance advertises him as "Co-Recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize"; another appearance is at a "Sports Turf Managers Association" conference

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