Sunday, January 06, 2013

- Bishop Hill blog - Food or fuel?
A survey of the Netmums website has found that a significant proportion of families are now having to choose between feeding the family and heating their homes.
Soaring energy bills are forcing one in four mothers to turn off their heating in the depths of winter in order to afford food for their children. Fuel poverty is resulting in thousands of families resorting to wearing extra clothes and using blankets in their homes.
Why IS Britain about to pay £110billion to enter a new Dark Age? A damning indictment of the new 'Green-friendly' Energy Bill | Mail Online
British policy, enshrined in the current Bill, is being driven not by evidence but by irrational dogma, and to question it is to be accused of endangering the planet. Only this explains the ferocity of opposition to fracking.

In reality, a disaster of a different kind looms: years of chronic impoverishment while competitors roar ahead and world CO2 emissions rise unchecked.

Welcome to the British industrial counter-revolution.
Climate Science Arrives At The Pinnacle Of Stupidity | Real Science
It doesn’t get any stupider than this. Climate scientists say that warm air in the Arctic is melting the ice and bringing record cold air to China – causing ice to form there.

You really can’t get any stupider than these people are. Do they turn their heater on to cool down the room? They have invoked the fourth law of climate morondynamics, which allows cold air to generate spontaneously from warm air.
US Buried In Snow – With A Huge Cold Blast On The Way | Real Science
Last year, we were told by top climate experts that mild temperatures in the US and lack of snow was due to increasing CO2 in the atmosphere – yet there is more CO2 this year than there was last year.

Whatever the weather is, climate experts blame it on CO2 – like two year olds having temper tantrums.

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