Sunday, January 06, 2013

Flu infections sweep America hospitalizing thousands and leaving 18 children dead of complications, and it's going to get worse | Mail Online
2,257 people have been hospitalized since the start of flu season
Cold weather really does spread flu - health - 19 October 2007 - New Scientist
Scientists have finally confirmed what your mother knew all along - that flu spreads best in cold, dry weather.

As the first few cases of the northern hemisphere's annual flu epidemic are trickling in this week, scientists may finally know why winter is flu season. It appears the virus lasts longer in cold, dry air, and our sluggish, cold-weather mucus cannot clear it out.

Astonishingly it has taken until the publication of research this week to settle the basic question about how flu spreads, and why it girdles each hemisphere every year during winter.
Pilot Plant in the Works for Carbon Dioxide "Cleansing" -
Dr. Keith says he thinks it may be possible to lower the cost of capture toward $100 a ton as the company grows.  ["Clean" air is air that is free of carbon dioxide, am I right?  Should we really have any tolerance for atmospheric components that aren't oxygen?]
Vermont Leaders Present Powerful Case For A Moratorium On Wind Turbines…”Let The Truth Come Out!”
And politicians, always the first to be duped, took it in hook, line and sinker. Old US Senators like Jim Jeffords, Pat Leahy and Bernie The Kook Sanders, who years earlier had warned us that rain was threatening our mountains and forests, led the way and suddenly became huge proponents of mountain top wind power. Soon construction companies and power companies began cutting down forests and blasting mountain tops in order to make way for the 500-foot monster wind turbines. Vermont patted itself on the back, believing it had become a global leader, role model and hero in “climate protection”.

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