Saturday, January 05, 2013

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In the UK, the forces that environmentalism is able to deploy in support of its cause are pretty overwhelming. The government, the universities, the civil service, the schools, 90% of the print media, all of the BBC, including the comedy and drama departments, the army, the navy, the airforce, most big businesses, parts of the judiciary etc etc. Whole government departments are given over to propaganda in favour of environmentalism.

In the light of this, I think I do an important service in highlighting bits of information that don't fit the narrative.

Keith Kloor, on the other hand, thinks I should be a bit more even-handed.

I'll bear his concerns in mind.
Twitter / RichardTol: Biofuels have higher greenhouse ...
Biofuels have higher greenhouse gas emissions See also Crutzen et al. 2008 ACP
Mongolia suffers cold snap -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China New
ULAN BATOR, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- Mongolia has been gripped by an extreme cold snap coupled with heavy snows, which have disrupted the life of herders in rural areas, local media reported Saturday.

Strong winds and a dramatic fall in temperatures have hit a large part of Mongolia. In some areas, the lowest temperature has plunged to minus 50 degrees Celcius, the reports said.
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