Monday, January 14, 2013

Blog: Matt Damon and the Arab oil industry team up to stop fracking
The more the US oil and gas industry utilizes the method of fracking the more the Arab oil countries feel threatened. Not to mention the UAE loses money, which keeps their country afloat.

Matt Damon's financers are using his movie to demean fracking. These financers hope that negative public opinion will put an end to their competition. However, one problem with such a plan is that basing something on a lie always comes back to bite you where it hurts the most.
Greens Admit Climate Policies Will Take Decades To Show Any Benefits « Tory Aardvark
Another great piece of attempted future proofing for the Green boondoggle, if the climate changes one way then the Greens were correct all along, if it goes the other way then the Green measures were not enacted swiftly enough to have prevented disastrous climate change.
Twitter / jpodhoretz: BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg to ...
BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg to replace every gun in America with a bike lane no one uses.
Week Starts With Record Low Temperature for Downtown LA | NBC Southern California
The temperature in downtown Los Angeles dipped to a record low overnight as a cold snap continued in Southern California.

The temperature at about 4 a.m. was 35 degrees -- the lowest temperature for Jan. 14 in downtown Los Angeles since 2007 when the low was 36 degrees.

The temperature was the lowest recorded temperature since Dec. 24, 1990, when the low reached 35 in downtown. On Dec. 22 and 23 of 1990, the low reached 33 and 34 degrees, respectively, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures have not dropped to freezing in downtown LA since Jan. 29, 1979.

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