Friday, January 11, 2013

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THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New NASA project may show how the Sun drives climate
A new NASA research project aims to study how changes in water vapor and ozone in the upper atmosphere result in "significant climate impacts" on the Earth surface. Prior research has shown that tiny changes in solar activity within and between solar cycles can have greatly amplified effects upon climate by altering the specific humidity of the upper atmosphere, as well as ozone production in the stratosphere due to large changes in solar UV. This new mission may add to our understanding of how small changes in solar activity can drive large scale changes in atmospheric circulation, ocean oscillations, weather, and climate.
Historic snow conditions in North Central Washington
“We’ve had historic, near-perfect snow conditions,” said Jordan Lindstrom, the Ridge’s marketing and sales director. “Early wet snow gave us a good, solid base, and lots of powder came soon after. It’s one of the best starts since we began keeping records 42 years ago.”
Green Hypocrisy as Al Gore Sells Out for Petro-Dollars - Energy TribuneEnergy Tribune
Not that Gore’s green hypocrisy is an isolated affair. Gore has long been criticized for his private jet-setting lifestyle, for shunning taxis for private limousines, and most famously, for the scandal over his energy-guzzling Tennessee mansion. A mansion that uses more energy in a single month than his neighbors use in an entire year. Upset by the level of media approbation, Gore treated himself to some retail therapy … purchasing yet another energy-guzzling mansion, this one overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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