Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow turns much of Lebanon white
BEIRUT: Snow blanketed much of Lebanon Thursday after a fierce overnight snowstorm, with many people trapped in remote villages by blizzards.

Snow settled on the Lebanese coast, in north and south, in a rare appearance in over a decade as the country experienced record low temperatures.
Schools across Lebanon were shut for a third day Thursday due to the storm and thousands of residents throughout the country remain without power.
Sign of slight improvement detected in IPCC green files « The View From Here
YMMV, but I find it quite astounding that they would go to all this trouble to make sure that source material is “adequately attributed”, yet they find it “too impractical” to include a simple flag which would identify non-peer-reviewed source material.
Greens say deception, fraud “for the planet” is OK « JoNova
A delusional anti-coal mining activist, Jonathan Moylan, impersonated a bank spokesman and issued a fake media release, falsely declaring that the bank had withdrawn a $1.2 billion loan facility from Whitehaven Coal because of ”unacceptable damage to the environment.” He created a dummy email inbox to push the deceit further to cause real damage. The story was picked up by some news outlets, and shares fell by 9% before people realized it was fake. Those who want to downplay the seriousness are calling it a “hoax”. The real world knows it is fraud.

Mum and Dad investors who may have sold too cheaply on the “news”, or even faced margin calls, could have lost thousands of hard earned dollars. The share transactions won’t be canceled. In response, two Greens leaders praised the liar.
Dear Christian Science Monitor: Wind Is Not Sacred but a Sacrilege — MasterResource
Please consider a very different view: that this industry is an artificial construct of cronyism; squanders resources at the expense of consumers and taxpayers; and toys with workers and their families who continually find themselves at the mercy of temporary political majorities.

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