Friday, January 11, 2013

Sen. Boxer adds climate change post to environment committee staff - The Hill's E2-Wire
Boxer said Thursday that environmental attorney Joe Mendelson would fill the newly created role. Mendelson was most recently policy director of climate and energy with the National Wildlife Federation.

“Dangerous climate change poses an urgent threat and we have a responsibility to address that threat. I am so pleased that Joe Mendelson will be joining the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee team. We will make the most of his expertise as we craft solutions to climate change,” Boxer said in a statement.
California temperatures to hit 6-year low
Strawberry growers covered their crops while San Diego zookeepers turned on heaters for the chimpanzees as Californians braced for a cold snap expected to drop temperatures to a six-year low.
Pakistan - Severe cold breaks all previous records - Video
Islamabad temperatures drop below zero. Natural gas shortage.

Flight schedules disrupted. Major highways shut down at night.
Snow chaos to cripple Britain with -15c weather predicted | UK | - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express
BRITAIN is braced for weeks of heavy snow set to trigger the worst whiteout for years and cause chaos across the country.
"Real"Climate: Sea-level rise: Where we stand at the start of 2013 — Part 2
But is this a real periodic behaviour, i.e. a climatic oscillation? I don’t think so. The variation in global temperature shown above probably is not an oscillation: it is the familiar time evolution of global temperature that can largely be explained by the history of radiative forcing. E.g., the temperature plateau from 1940-1970 (which in the detrended data shown above is a downswing) is explained by aerosol cooling balancing greenhouse warming, while the following upswing is due to the then dominant increase in greenhouse gases.

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