Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caution on tying heat to climate change | The Australian
AUSTRALIA can expect more heatwaves and bushfires in the decades ahead but scientists caution against blaming this year's record temperatures and devastating blazes on climate change.   [What sane Australian wouldn't expect more heatwaves and bushfires in the decades ahead, even if all human civilization shut down tomorrow?]
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Wash Post quotes part of my ...
Wash Post quotes part of my tweet on US Nat Clim Asses but not the part about NCA being contrary to IPCC SREX
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: On extremes/attribution NCA ...
On extremes/attribution NCA sharply contradicts IPCC SREX and AR5 SOD would seem v important, but no media has touched this, what gives?
New pay-per-mile scheme would boost gas taxes 250 percent | JunkScience.com
This is not necessarily unreasonable until you consider the nature  and habits of our spendthrift, power-grabbing, anti-personal liberty  government.

“An on-again, off-again move by the Obama administration to scrap the federal gas tax in favor of a pay-per-mile fee would boost the tab to  Americans as high as 250 percent, raising their current tax of 18.4  cents a gallon to as high as 46 cents, according to a new government  study.” [Washington Examiner]

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