Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Contiguous U.S. Surface Air Temperature Data Through 2012 – Is the Recent Warming Trend Unusual?
It’s doubtful that Hansen and Karl will mention the fact that the ocean heat content records since 1955 and the satellite-era sea surface temperatures show no evidence of a manmade global warming signal. That is, while they’ve warmed, it’s blatantly obvious that Mother Nature was responsible for the warming. Since they won’t raise that topic, I will.
Climate Scientist Backs Bill to Curb Emissions - NYTimes.com
Michael E. Mann, a prominent climatologist at Penn State, has thrown his support behind an effort to get Pennsylvania to do more to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

Dr. Mann appeared Monday at news conference organized by a state representative, Greg Vitali, to promote two bills that would provide subsidies for solar installations and increase the amount of electricity that the state’s electric power utilities must generate from renewable sources of energy.
Appearing with Representative Vitali, Dr. Mann criticized those who would deny climate change and mankind’s responsibility for it, even in the face of recent weather extremes

“One often hears the misleading claim that no single event, regardless of how extreme or unprecedented, can be blamed on climate change,” he said. “That is like saying that no single roll of a ‘six’ with loaded dice can be blamed on the loading of the dice.
Bitter cold grips Nevada - Shatters previous record
The temperature plunged to a record minus 24 in Ely early Monday, blowing away the old mark of minus 17 set in 2007.
Almost too cold to type this message to a warmist | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
As it happens, I am in Los Angeles, freezing my backside off in an unusually cold spell:
A week or two ago I was caught outside in Boston in the coldest weather of my life:
I wouldn’t be so stupid or dishonest as to claim that weather in one part of the world says anything about the climate everywhere. In other words, I do not write for the Daily Kos. Or work for the Greens.

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