Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Climate-change believers clash with skeptics as city hall plans for ‘volatile’ weather of the future | National Post
He accused Mr. Perks — who ominously predicted “people will die” as a result of climate change in Toronto — of being alarmist.

“We interpret the past but we imagine the future,” said Mr. Kelly, adding that if Toronto ends up feeling like Tennessee, “that ain’t bad.”...Some places will get warmer, and some places will get colder,” Mr. Young said.
Toronto’s environment chair again expresses doubt about global warming | Toronto Star
He cited “one scientist” who argued that 20th century temperature trends didn’t match trends in atmospheric carbon dioxide.
SENES also noted, however, that local weather could generally become more pleasant.
Texas, Inhofe — that’s it — vote against Kerry |
The so-called “climate hawk” was confirmed by the Senate, 94-3.

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