Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh, no, "we could end up having the climate of Tennessee"!: Panic in Toronto after $250k study predicts 5.7 deg. C of CO2-induced winter warming over the next 30 years there

Climate study suggests Toronto unprepared for possible effects of global warming
The controversial results of a study on projected climate conditions were presented at City Hall Tuesday, sparking conversation among councillors.

The report, which was commissioned in 2008 for $250,000, looked at the extensive financial cost of preparing the city’s public infrastructure for such extreme weather conditions as heavy rain, shorter winters and heat waves which it suggests could be regular occurrences in city in the years 2040-2049.

“Toronto’s future climate, if we don’t change anything, is going to have a catastrophic impact on Torontonians,” Franz Hartzmann of the Toronto Environmental Alliance told CityNews.
“I was talking to one climatologist who said we could end up having the climate of Tennessee,” Kelly said.

The report documented the number of damaging storms and weather conditions that hit the city since 2000, including the warmest January 17 since 1840 in 2005
Using these numbers, the report predicted that in thirty years the city will have 26 fewer snow days per year, average winter temperatures will increase by 5.7 C and rainfall increases of 80 per cent in July and 50 per cent in August.

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