Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Polar Bear Blog – Polar Bear Fasting and Feasting
They will hit their lowest weights by spring, just in time to feast on seal pups and young seals that just don’t know any better...I remain very very skeptical of researchers’ claims of looming extinction in western Hudson Bay.
Record Arctic Ice Growth In 2012-2013 | Real Science
Arctic ice area growth since mid-September has shattered the previous record, growing 175,000 Manhattans of new ice over the last four months...Andy Revkin reports on this today, describing the record growth as “record melt.”
Australia Heatwave Update | Real Science
Adelaide in longest cold stretch since 2004 | adelaidenow
Al's Journal : More Secret Koch Anti-climate Funding
No surprise here. The Koch brothers are once again revealed as the funding source behind a secret anti-climate group:
Flashback:  Gore Launches $300 Million Climate Change Initiative
Former Vice President Al Gore is set to unveil a three-year, $300 million climate change campaign Wednesday, one of the most ambitious and costly public advocacy campaigns in U.S. history  [Hey Al:  Where did you get that $300 million?  Is it a secret?]

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