Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cold-weather deaths continue this winter all over the northern hemisphere; if the large U.S. newspapers had widespread warm-weather deaths like this to blame on global warming, we'd never hear the end of it

Hypothermia victim 'worried about gas price' - UK
A HYPOTHERMIA victim found dead in a bath was worried about the cost of her heating bills, an inquest has heard.
Hypothermia ruled cause of death in man found frozen at the Rock Shop; Sleep aide found in his system - Wyoming
It’s possible that the man sleepwalked outside, where he fell victim to hypothermia, officials said.
Medford man's death leaves many questions | Oregon
An elderly Medford man who died from hypothermia was found lying in his front yard at 9 a.m. Tuesday, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department reported.
He had power to his home, but his heat had been turned off, and temperatures inside were colder than they were outside, sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Carlson said.
"He had space heaters in the home, but they weren't turned on," Carlson said.
Sheriff's investigators said bottles of liquid inside the home were frozen solid, Carlson said.
Hypothermia likely cause of Chetek woman's death - Wisconsin
Laurie Lindig died last month. Her body was found in a wooded area outside of Chetek on Christmas Day. She was2.5 miles from home.

But now the Barron County sheriff says investigators have learned it was not unusual for Lindig to go for long, 2 mile walks. He says all indications are that she died of hypothermia.
Woman Dies Of Hypothermia In North Portland's Piedmont Neighborhood‏ | Albany Tribune News
Detectives learned that 63-year-old Wendy Marie Loren lived at a residence in the 4600 block of North Michigan Avenue and may have wandered away from home not properly dressed for the cold weather.
Illinois father and two sons freeze to death during hike - Missouri
KANSAS CITY, USA - An Illinois man and two of his sons died from exposure to freezing temperatures during a weekend hike in the Ozark Mountains in southeast Missouri, authorities said on Monday.
...Rain moved into the area and temperatures plunged to the mid-20s overnight.
1/3/2013: Sudden deaths climb as cold front slams nation - Taiwan
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The number of sudden deaths rose rapidly in the nation as the first cold front of winter made itself known in Taiwan.

Cases of sudden deaths at Taipei Mackay Memorial Hospital, for example, jumped to four times their usual level over the past week, from an average of one case every two days to one or two cases in a single day.
1/14/2013: Delhi morgues overflow as cold wave claims nameless victims : North, News - India Today
As a severe cold wave gripped the Capital during the last month forcing many Delhiites to take solace in the cozy confines of their houses, there were some who were dying a 'cold' death on pavements and at other open spaces.

Mortuaries of various government hospitals in the city have received dozens of unclaimed bodies of people who apparently died of cold.
12/23/2012: Bulgaria: Week Sees 200 Deaths from Cold in Europe, Russia - - Sofia News Agency
The cold wave that has gripped most of Europe and Russia has led to some 200 deaths over the week.

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