Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mann update: He's still denying that he received $10k for a talk in sunny Florida; he admits that he received travel expenses and does typically receive a speaker's fee; also suggests that I'm a "professional" climate change "denier", which is a lie

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Yesterday a Heartland Institute affiliate Alyssa Carducci ( engaged in a smear on a right-wing website falsely claiming that I was receiving 10K for a talk that I am giving at the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Annual Meeting in Daytona ( Not that I'd complain if they were, and indeed Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau does typically negotiate a speakers fee for engagements they book for me.

But in reality, I am doing the SMTA event pro bono (other than travel expenses) and Ms. Carducci's claim that I am receiving 10K for the event is pure fiction. Nonetheless, the false claim was immediately trumpeted by climate change deniers like Christopher Monckton and Tom Nelson.
While some might be surprised that climate change deniers would immediately promote a pure falsehood in an attempt to smear me, this if of course precisely the sort of behavior we have come to expect from professional climate change deniers.

Its also a cautionary tale that you really can't believe anything you hear from the likes of Monckton, Nelson, and their ilk.

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