Friday, January 25, 2013

Ed Rogers on Jim Yong Kim's global warming hoax op-ed: "This op-ed wasn’t written by an investment professional, it was written by a leftist with an ax to grind"

The World Bank should stay out of global warming politics - The Insiders - The Washington Post
The latest manifesto comes in today's Post, in an op-ed by Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank...This op-ed wasn’t written by an investment professional, it was written by a leftist with an ax to grind.

It's not unusual for liberal activists to seek celebrity by becoming a pious, martyred, selfless advocate of a phony cause. But this is usually reserved for Hollywood dilettantes and mega-wealthy Learjet liberals. It is unfortunate to see someone with a real day-job competing for a place at that table.

I've just about given up on any Democrats being sincere regarding global warming. I've decided to disregard anything I hear from the left unless I know what the speaker is willing to do about ice cream and bottled water. If you don't call for a ban or a giant new tax on those two discretionary items that, pound-for-pound, produce as much greenhouse gases as just about anything else, then you are a phony and only pretending to believe what you are trying to peddle to the rest of us.


Harry Dale Huffman said...

My recommendation is, just say "NO", when any "climate change" legislation rolls out. Refuse to abide by any of it, as it might as well be a law requiring you to jump off a cliff, or saw your arm off. Civil disobedience is the last peaceful defense against such tyranny.

papertiger said...

Did you know that there is such a thing as jury nullification?

It goes like this. A harrassment of the public, disguised as a law, is passed by the Congress, signed by the President, and cleared for application by the Judiciary, much like the Obamacare.

There is still an avenue to nullify these types of officially sanctioned injustices. If a jury of 12 citizens agree that said abortion of law is unconstitutional, then the bill is ruled null and void.

So you don't have to block traffic in front of City Hall on your day off. There's another option.