Friday, January 25, 2013

He don't need no stinkin' data: Carter Askew on how he knows that CO2 is overheating the planet: A bunch of climate scientists told him that the Antarctic "ice sheets kept retreating further and further each year"

The effects of climate change have arrived ahead of schedule - The Insiders - The Washington Post
A year ago, I went to Antarctica with a group of climate scientists and leaders, many of whom have visited and worked at that continent's research stations for several decades...The only time I saw them want to venture beyond their area of expertise is when our ship would pull close to land and they would often remark how the ice sheets kept retreating further and further each year. One night after a lot of wine, a scientist told me that the continent was like a half gallon carton of ice cream left out on the counter, slowly melting away from the edges, becoming more and more squishy each year.
Oct 2012:  Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High?
During Southern Hemisphere winters, sea ice in the Antarctic, the floating chunks of frozen ocean water, is actually increasing.
Carter Eskew - The Washington Post
He was the chief strategist for the Gore 2000 presidential campaign

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